What We Do


Fullerton Research is the research and education arm of Fullerton Markets. We provide our subscribers and readers with comprehensive financial information and analysis to help you adeptly navigate the world markets.

Economic Updates

We survey the latest news and economic updates, monitor market movements and study policy changes to bring you insights into the developments that affect global prices, shape trends and influence your finances.

Educational Resources

Our educational resources serve to help you formulate personalised strategies that bring you closer to your goals – be it creating wealth, building your business or expanding your investment portfolio. Through our data-supported wisdom and ideas, Fullerton Research equips you with a sound understanding of the markets and presents you with actionable recommendations that empower you to execute financial decisions confidently.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be Asia's top financial research provider.

Our Mission

To produce simple-to-digest and actionable research content for all traders and investors in the financial markets.